3D Printed Models Information

  • Our Resin miniatures are printed on high end industrial 3D printers through our manufacturing partners Shapeways Inc. in ‘Smooth Fine Detail Plastic’ which requires an average of  4 -10 business days for the manufacturing process.

    • We test print all our resin models through Shapeways prior to making them available for purchase.
      • Smooth Fine Detail Plastic is made of a UV cured acrylic polymer and offers a high resolution, using a 16 micron layer height to produce incredibly fine features, making it a great choice for miniatures, and is well suited for painting.
        • How is this material made? The process used is called material jetting. Molten plastic is deposited onto an aluminum build platform in layers using several nozzles, essentially like a large print that sweeps across the build layer. As the heated material jets onto the build plate, it solidifies instantly. After each layer is deposited, it is cured, or polymerized, by a wide area UV lamp. The next layer then applied, and through this repeated process layers of thermoplastic build up into a model. When printing is finished, we remove the models from the tray and put them into an oven that melts away the wax support material. Next, we put the models into an ultrasonic oil bath to remove any remaining wax residues, and then an ultrasonic water bath to remove any oil on the model. After drying, we inspect and ship the models.
          • This is a 'print on demand' service and therefore you cannot cancel your order once it is placed.